syGlass View Announcement

Version 1.3.1 + syGlass View

November 3-7, 2018

Hello virtual reality pioneers!

We are excited to announce our new program desgigned to facilitate scientific communication, syGlass View.

What is syGlass View?

syGlass View is a FREE download that contains most of the same functionality as syGlass. The exceptions are the ability to save analytics or load personal data. syGlass View only reads special 'signed' files that are made available by syGlass users like you. We are seeking the most innovative syGlass users to pave the way for View by offering their data to be visualized by others.

How does it work?

You will sign your project or image volumes that you would like to share and we will make it openable for others in syGlass View. The tagged image volume will be hosted on your website for download, so it remains under your control. The data cannot be altered by the public, only admired. Watch our video on how to use syGlass View to see how your data could be shared with the world.

So, why should I sign my project?

Our goal is to allow anyone around the world -- from scientists, to students, to the inquisitive minds of our society -- to partake in exploring what you work hard to discover. We want to share life at the microscopic level in a new, exciting way. syGlass View is a platform for sharing your discoveries with the public with less formality than, or in addition to your publications.

Sign me up!

If you’d like to host your 3D data sets, have any questions, or comments on how best to roll out this new capability, please email us at

In addition to syGlass View, we are also releasing syGlass 1.3.1, which adds a few new tools and fixes some bugs.

Here are the changes: