syGlass Version 1.2.2 Release

June 15, 2018

Hello virtual reality pioneers!

We're excited to once again announce the launch of a bigger and better syGlass: Version 1.2.2.
This update includes a whole host of new features and improvements that we think have something for just about everyone.

  • New! Key framing system which allows animating camera movement, data transformation, and a clipping plane for the production of movies showcasing your data
  • Added additional options in the settings menu to control video resolution, capture frame rate, and bit depth
  • Redesigned camera tool enhances ability to record images for grants and publications
  • New! Slicing tool allows users to view raw slice data and lock planes to the cardinal axes
  • Native loading and rendering of DICOM data allows medical practitioners to quickly get their data into the system and start understanding
  • Direct import for Imaris files, a standard storage file for large microscopy data
  • A mesh transformation system for aligning surfaces with volumetric data, including a procedure to align via point set registration
  • Improved error reporting with security dongle
  • Enhanced loading splash screen
  • Fixed bug that would slow or stop very large data conversions
  • Added support for exporting adjacency list for tracings that include loops.
  • New! Created easy-to-find button for toggling monitor mode between double-eye and single-eye
  • Fixed a bug where meshes would disappear when using the cutting tool
  • Consolidated buttons for Vive and Mixed Reality Headsets under the banner SteamVR
  • Added Windows Mixed Reality controller models for better immersion
  • Fixed bug with measurement tool not properly saving or loading measurements
  • Support for projects created from stacks of JPEG files
  • Better playback control for 4D movie projects
  • Tracing tool allows nodes to be placed in close proximity by resting your thumb on the touchpad/thumbstick
  • Assisted tracing tool now uses high resolution data whenever possible