JUNE 2018

  • Improved creation of projects from large datasets
  • Added button to toggle split/single eye monitor playback
  • Security key alert distinguishes between missing and expired keys
  • Added controller models for WindowsMR hardware
  • View higher-resolution data while using assisted tracing
  • View slice of raw data corresponding to cutplane

MAY 2018

  • Native video capture from first person or key frames
  • Reworked movie playback to be configurable by Hz
  • Clean new menu interfaces
  • Improved feedback for camera tool
  • Improved tracing of nearby objects

APRIL 2018

  • New key framing tool for animation of camera, data, and cutplanes
  • Create projects from JPEG files

MARCH 2018

  • Transform meshes and volumetric data independently
  • Align meshes using point set registration
  • Direct, immediate import of Imaris projects


  • syBook automatically checks for new releases
  • Download new releases from syBook
  • Measure angles in syGlass using the measuring tool
  • More consistent controls across tools
  • USB key status indicator in syBook
  • Transform mesh sets independently of volumetric data


  • Redesigned menu system with individual menus for each tool
  • Added crash dumps for better error reporting
  • Added security key status bar to syBook
  • Data can optionally be grabbed anywhere
  • Added import/export support for HOC neuron models
  • SWC/HOC node type can be specified using tracing tool menu


  • Increased contrast on DVID patch, set size to 512 x 512
  • Loading bar in syBook for annotation I/O
  • Fixed broken 'cut meshes' checkbox
  • Press B key for single eye monitor view
  • Optimization of graphics pipeline
  • Added support for Windows MR hardware through SteamVR


  • Introduced ‘demo mode’ option: annotations don’t save, easier to grab data
  • Added shader for cross-section rendering
  • Introduced assisted tracing tool
  • Added mesh review point of interest tool
  • Fixed crashes when mesh review begins but no meshes are present
  • Added support for lowtis, DVID
  • Visual adjustments to 4D movie tracing tool


  • Added haptic feedback for Oculus controllers
  • Introduced Oculus controller models in Oculus mode
  • Click on the screen to indicate a direction to a user in VR


  • Added experiment system for projects to syBook and syGlass
  • Fixed problems with teleporting in Oculus mode
  • Instant project close with termination of all tasks


  • Improved visualization of very large datasets
  • Added module for error correction of massive SWC files
  • Shader settings can be changed while 4D movie plays
  • Better storage of annotation data
  • Added importing and export annotation from syBook
  • Basic support for data from Vaa3D
  • Fixed corrupted reading of .syg files
  • Added option to the menu to force anisotropicity
  • Added double sliders support for user interfaces

JULY 2017

  • Improved functionality of slab clipping tool
  • Added GPU memory usage and GPU memory printing
  • Support for multichannel Imaris files
  • Reorganized project ingestion pipeline
  • Improved multi-threading in conversion
  • Performance improvement for OpenGL
  • Squashed bugs in syBook related to launching projects
  • Fixed RAM overuse during conversion & added logging of RAM usage

JUNE 2017

  • Developed python library: pyglass
  • Developed shader improvements
  • Added RAM block cache
  • Improved, redesigned syBook UX
  • Added native support for Oculus Rift

MAY 2017

  • Cleaned up toolchain for simple tool operations
  • Fixed screenshots and screenshot save locations
  • Added caching progress system
  • Updated EULA

APRIL 2017

  • Fixed bug in TIFF reader
  • Added new tool: measuring tool
  • Added optional scale bar
  • Added command line support for caching projects
  • Optimized box ray intersection check
  • Adjusted menu spawn distance
  • Fixed race condition bug for reading data
  • Fixed bug with scrollable menu with two controllers

MARCH 2017

  • Modified voice command system to use intermediate buffer
  • Redesigned SWC tracing tool for better user experience
  • Fixed some bugs related to menu system
  • Added graph analysis to prevent loops in SWCs
  • Added component coloring for SWCs
  • Support SWCs for big data projects
  • Added new tool: coordinate finder


  • Refactored tracking-over-time tool for better user experience
  • Added new tool: slab clipping tool
  • Added new image filter: maximum projection
  • Reduced number of shaders to compile
  • Added timer for annotations to autosave
  • Allow for multiple cuts with cutplane tool
  • Allow editing of volumetric project details
  • Modified menus to drop out of view when adjusting sliders


  • Added license security key support
  • Added toggles for rendering annotations
  • Added new tool: counting tool
  • Can now use a different tool in each hand
  • Added optional voice commands for toggling color channels
  • Added 4-color channel support
  • Fixed bug in transformations system
  • Added configuration menu for modifying options
  • Fixed some shaders